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tv   Headline News  RT  February 4, 2013 7:00am-7:28am EST

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prances military confirms it's guarding one of the biggest your radio mines in all its owners say they want a better mining deal with france and could be looking for other countries. spain's prime minister travels to germany ahead of key budget talks economic troubles and corruption allegations remain for him at home. and the artistic director of moscow's world famous bolshoi ballet heads to germany for specialist i treatment this office saying he knows who was behind the violent acid attack on him two weeks ago.
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just after four pm on monday here in moscow this is with me will receive your news from around the world the president has confirmed that french troops are being guarding one of the country's biggest your rainy and in a bid to avoid a repetition of last month's hostage crisis in neighboring algeria the details now from sean thomas who's coming to join us live in the studio good to see you today so we know about the french troops in mali now we hear about a group of them being sent to need to protect a mind what do you know about well certainly we've been hearing of the possibility of french troops in for a while but now we know for fact in fact france's president has confirmed that they have sent special forces troops tunisia specifically to guard one of the largest uranium mines in that country the. french company a red one has a large stake in the arlott mining facility which you can see right here in ne
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share and there have been problems in the past which would justify the increased security presence there now just three years ago five french workers were kidnapped from the arlott mine by islamists the four of those hostages are still being held and today it is important to note that this is a second mission in africa completely separate from france's mission in mali which has been going on for nearly a month now in fact if you look at the map mali neighboring tunisia where as the situation in this entire region continues to remain unstable the french government is making it clear that they are ready and willing to protect their assets in the region and on the african continent as a whole so when as you say there's a major economic issues at stake many people know the frog's is mostly run on of nuclear energy you see of course a massive importance here when it comes to the uranium mines we've got american troops in mali supported by british troops that are supposed to be non-combat troops you have the hostage crisis in algeria and now you've got these troops going into nigeria is certainly getting a lot of reaction from critics around the world certainly is in fact if you ask why
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france has been involved in. they point to an incident that happened in eastern algeria last month when is the mists took over a gas plant there eventually leading to forty eight people being killed thirty seven of those foreign workers france is predicting that more islamist retaliation to french presence in africa is likely and they say that they want to prevent a tragic situation like this from happening again but then again you know the world's fifth largest producer of uranium a product that is vital to the french economy and in fact it is estimated that nearly all of france's electric infrastructure is dependent on nuclear power this given this it makes sense that france is wanting to do everything it can to protect this vital resource at all costs the president has welcomed the french presence in the country and recognizes the need for added security but he has stated that they want to better deal when it comes to. uranium exports mujeres economy is largely dependent on uranium as well critics have already been wary of french involvement
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in mali claiming that the real motivation is a return to imperialism economic policy and stronger control of a region that used to be french territory now with france's expansion into neighboring country compiled with meijers basic concerns about the issue you can see why those critics have something to chew on now so we've got multinational forces led by the french in mali now we've got also the boots of french soldiers on the ground in certainly holding things up in the region told us thank you. well i was president a lot of maybe hailing the ongoing french military campaign in west africa as a success that's more than can be said about the politics back at home. has the story from powers. well president on land is welcomed as a liberator in mali up to france's military operation against the is the mists occupation back at home crowds are also gathered but with a starkly different mood where people are fired up over the continued decline of
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europe's second largest economy despite the president's promises to create at least one hundred thousand new jobs the nation is shedding them at an alarming rate last november about a thousand every day the worst figures in years the country's unemployment is approaching a shocking eleven percent with more than three million jobless the french daily lives and claims that the exact situation could be even worse if official statistics included youngsters never registered for the unemployment program or those who left it and those stuck with part time work the paper says the rate would then triple but if certain. people expected to have a strong president and they understand that on doesn't have enough experience for competence to improve things too weak as we see from. the fans who are so you know believes the strategic mistake was to rectify the e.u. so called three percent treaty force in france to reduce its budget deficit down
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from four point five percent by hiking taxes and cutting spending. but while harsh criticism expected from the opposition disapprovals also been growing from like minded left wingers or complain but i think the president especially of a country like france one of six e.u. foreigners should be strong enough to say stop to others and say hey i have my nation behind me and they elected me to make changes instead he surrendered because he's more worried about the country's debt and the ratings agencies make. in a short video french communists put together some of our lawns major presidential campaign vows none of which they say came true. but what that's. the value added tax increase is i think it's inappropriate and unjustified and unreasonable and too hasty. what happened to well that's to reminded presidents do you remember you promised to review the european treaty you didn't do
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that your german bring said a three percent deficit isn't real but now only say it's possible etc etc you can't not do what you promised meanwhile recent polls show a little rise in the frankly disapproval rating forty four percent january december's forty percent the more you see salons to office in maine. every week that is a new subject to discuss in the french media and to draw people's attention from the real problems like gay monitor deprived you are now molly this strategy may work but not for long. after a land wonder french election last year some analysts described his victory as a victory against his predecessor. rather the. now seen anything that has to be there. in the. months of a long presidency have been anything but sunny happenings and even his one staunch supporters predict even harder times lie ahead for the leader of the country's
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municipal elections in two thousand and fourteen have historically held great significance and will show whether the voters can forget and forgive. me for our team from paris. and i just days ahead of a crucial e.u. budget talks the leader of the blocs toughest economy is meeting the head of one of its weakest german chancellor angela merkel will join forces with spain's prime minister mariano to hope to discuss the eurozone crisis facing massive criticism back at home with corruption allegations and the opposition calling for him to step down this report out from berlin with artie's peter on. it could very well be called a meeting between the euro zone's haves and well quite frankly the have nots as german chancellor angela merkel sits down to talks with the spanish prime minister mariano what are quite germany still widely regarded as the euro zone's only real success economically while as many fear this thing could go the way of greece
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now the spanish prime minister will receive the full welcome of germany including full military honors holidays he was to turn up at the doorstep of many in his own country he may face severe criticism that's because many spanish citizens still think he hasn't done enough to deal with bank has the same basically the bearings are of this huge incredible fiefs run only by greed the government's not helping the people the topping the banks it has been at least thirty or fifty times the issue but in the last month it was three people they were going to be if you have to find out how it is but they hang themselves before the police were right there. i feel really sad when someone is thrown out because he has no one who can take care of him. this meeting between the leaders of germany and spain comes
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ahead of a very important summit taking place this week where european leaders will try and decide on the budget something which is separated countries within the union thus far. all right now economics professor at boston university laurence kotlikoff believes the crisis is rooted in the way the banking system is operated in an interview with you so if you say he said the banks need to be more transparent in order to gain the people's trust. the traditional banking system the model is one of very high leverage banks borrow a lot of money promised to repay and then there's opacity they take their money and they do something with it but they don't tell you what they're doing with it so it's a very unstable situation when you promise people things. what you're doing with their money. and that's what happened with brothers and.
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all these companies that were not under one after the other everybody started worrying. so what we need to do is. get rid of this faith based banking we need to have. no leverage and we have to have transparency. and you can watch the full interview with economists to laurence kotlikoff. forty five. now the artistic director of moscow's bolshoi ballet is traveling to germany for specialist treatment after a violent acid attack against him now just two weeks ago doctors there will be trying to help save sort of a feelin's eyesight. reports from the moscow hospital where feeling was taken
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immediately after the brutal attack. it is doing rather well surprisingly well actually he did thank the doctors for doing everything in their power to pull him out of a very difficult situation that he found himself in to did suffer third degree burns and those are very severe to his face and neck he said he's full of hope for a full recovery and he is full of willpower and he actually looked very enthusiastic and upbeat about the whole situation of course considering his circumstances actually he did appear to be quite so on his road to recovery if he did speak about person who is who has been supposedly behind the attack he did say that he knows exactly who it was on this particular day today did not want to talk about the investigation at all so as not to interfere with the investigation he did however mention. he did to receive threats before but he also mentioned and this is
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important according to city feeling himself he didn't mention that he's continuing to work with everybody who has been left in charge of the bolshoi theater he said that nothing if the boy say theater is changing and the performances and everything about the theater will be carrying on as before. it's good to have you with us here today excuse me. of the presumption of guilt. when a cia veteran points the finger at his former employer saying that the agency's compulsory polygraph tests a simply and ineffective in bringing the details in just a couple of.
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thanks. thanks thanks. thanks
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. just on a quarter past the hour here in the russian capital this is r t with me rule research in kuwait an opposition activist is reportedly been sentenced to five years in
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prison for criticizing the country's unelected to rule on twitter is the post has been convicted on such charges in the country of this though in just the last two months speaking out against the amir of kuwait is considered a state security charge a mistake international recently hit out of the monarchy for increasing restrictions on freedom of expression and. protests there have been raging against the government and its crackdown on dissent since two thousand and eleven attention fled even more after december's parliamentary poll which was boycotted by the opposition. claims the country's democracy has been disfigured. and if. we refute claims that the national assembly represents the people of kuwait around seventy percent of the people boycotted the election and they simply itself was elected thanks to an unconstitutional decree passed by the government which wanted
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a parliament which could control its lawmakers have failed to address widespread allegations of corruption democracy has taken a twisted form it is the only democracy which is seeing an increase of corruption we will continue to hold peaceful marches peaceful rallies and we will continue to gather and protest. as we head into the. monarchy having problems of its own with the opposition reign the regime protesters there have once again clashed with police in various parts of the country at the authorities used tear gas against the crowds which were holding fire bombs the gulf been cracking down on pro-reform demonstrators for two years arresting thousands prominent activists. the government claims it's taken steps to address the brutality of its security forces but opposition campaigners say daily assaults continue unabated. a suicide bomber has decimated his explosives among
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a group of anti al-qaeda fighters killing at least four and wounding twenty three the incident took place as the men gather to collect their salaries outside an office in a town just north of baghdad and the blast comes a day after several suicide attackers targeted a provincial police headquarters in kabul cook killing at least fifteen and wounding dozens. a skeleton of found under a car park in the city of leicester in the u.k. has been confirmed as the king richard the third of the monarch was the last english king to be killed in battle back in fourteen eighty five but his grave was lost in the sixteenth century after the demolition of the church he was buried next to but the remains that will be reinterred in leicester cathedral with the details of the real burial ceremony yet to be released. for now iran says israel will regret his latest aggression against syria and called on the entire muslim world to be ready to defend the country against the jewish state this
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comes after president bashar assad claimed syria could take on any force to confront said well accusing israel of trying to destabilize his nation and the statements follow sunday's comments by the israeli defense minister at a security conference in germany and hinted the i.d.f. was indeed behind the wheel last week's attack on a syrian arms convoy apparently destined for hezbollah militants in lebanon on moscow on the arab league criticized for the alleged strike saying it's against international law based middle east expert says damascus has covert means to retaliate if needed against any israeli attack. for now i don't believe that there will be all out military warfare although we have to remember that the husband law is one of syria's allies iran is also one of syria's allies and it's important to note here that the the head of the supreme national security council the iranian
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supreme national security council sides are really not respond directly with a direct you know conventional army to conventional army warfare but there might be other means used targeting for example certain israeli officials during the trouble for israel in general and i think that some that something would syria is an expert at doing syria has on the side and also on the his father has been a source of concern for a very long time for the israeli side of his role once before because this will basically break down the iranian husband lost syrian access which is the biggest threat to the not of your government. all right ahead of you watching dot com right now you'll find many things including a report claiming the british police that been stealing the identities of dead children and using them to go undercover against political activists disturbing details that are to dot com. plus the russian city which was host to one of the pivotal battles of world war two could reclaim its forma name on air in the
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country's soviet leader joseph stalin those details also on life. thousands of people in america forced to undergo polygraph testing every year all in the name of national security summit experts ringing the alarm over u.s. federal agencies exceeding their legal and ethical limits to determine who can be trusted more on this to r.t. as marina porter. for more than three decades john sullivan worked as a polygraph examiner for america's central intelligence agency today the retired cia employee is offering some strong opinions about the nation's lie detector policy too many honest people are too many people who should be passing their tests aren't and i and there's no there's no accountability for that. last year more than seventy three thousand americans were reportedly required to
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undergo polygraph tests in order to get or keep jobs with the federal government according to an investigation by mcclatchy newspapers a growing number of u.s. agencies are asking employees and applicants intimate questions that extend way beyond the realm of national security probing matters such as sexual conduct financial matters and past personal relationships a woman was pressured to talk about her experience being molested as a child and when the polar bear for said that he refused to go on with the interrogation he alleges that he was pressured to go back and continue interrogating her a decade ago the national academies an organization advising washington on scientific matters urged the feds to stop using polygraphs as a screening technique scientists found that polygraphs aren't reliable enough to prevent innocent people from failing and deceptive candidates from passing i think
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it's important to understand that the polygraph is not just. for screening it's an interrogation tool. there's a question that they trip that leads to indication of deception the drilling down and all questions that they get asked may well be quite true over the past ten years. at least fifteen federal agencies including the n.s.a. and f.b.i. have reportedly continued or expanded their polygraph screenings with nearly five million people having access to classified information washington maintains that polygraph testing is the most effective way from preventing secrets from being leaked lisa ribicoff is an independent polygraph examiner and investigator who uses the polygraph program designed by homeland security she contends that it's ninety eight percent accurate i do think that there are some questions pertaining to some
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emotional aspects and personal situations should not be included but i do understand why they're included on the basis of that the government needs to see how exactly what their breaking point is what are they willing to discuss what are they not willing to discuss however applicants who are denied a coveted position after failing a polygraph are prohibited from accessing the records of their interrogation and are often barred from contesting the results were filing complaints in federal court in two thousand and four the cia veteran who conducted lie detector interrogations for thirty one years failed his own screening there was absolutely no question in my mind the the test was wrong it's this was a terrible test sullivan lost his security clearance and was denied a job with a federal contracting agency he claims his examiner falsified the results possible retribution for solving his book detailing america's polygraph system sub's a come in for
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a polygraph test now are guilty until proven innocent and i think that's. a corruption and an abuse of the process the obama administration is now promising to draft a new national polygraph policy that would prevent agencies from pushing legal or ethical boundaries during screenings but at the moment the program has no oversight or eligibility meaning tens of thousands of u.s. citizens will continue getting personally probes in the name of national security marine up or nine r.t. new york. you know just a few minutes here about stupid love elena's guests discussing the issue of same sex marriage crystal in just a sec. secretary
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of state hillary clinton recently testified to congress in regards to the attack on the us consulate was killed an american ambassador in benghazi libya during the testimony couldn't rather calmly said things like that the revolutions that sprang up during the arab spring like in libya where the events in bali have created instability and safe havens for terrorists and she made it clear that there is no doubt that the algerian terrorists had weapons from libya so the us secretary has basically admitted that the actions of the usa and nato have caused a mass instability that has allowed the seeds of terrorism to grow when the justification for most of the actions in the muslim world is to stop evil dictators who harbor terrorists or spread chatting to mock recy if libya would have been left alone algerian terrorists wouldn't be getting any weapons from it now this is like an exterminator accidently or maybe on purpose actually feeding the roaches in your basements that there are ten times more of them and then saying that he has to keep
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working because he's the only one who can get rid of the roaches people like hillary clinton who support funding brutal jihad it's rebel groups to overthrow governments to somehow bring about stability and democracy are either dismally stupid or consciously running a very brutal con game but that's just my opinion. download the official application to yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorites from. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch ati any time anyway.


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